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Newsletter Science is the most intelligent marketing tool for staying in front of your clients and employees for just pennies per E-mail!
A well designed newsletter will provide valuable information to every person on your e-mail list. Eliminate the cost of printing and postage forever.
Writing and sending your company's electronic newsletter has never been simpler.
Newsletter Science provides a flexible & powerful news story template, E-mail processor, which can send millions of E-mails per mailing, and reader/viewer reports.
News Story Template
The News Story Template creates each news item's headline, blurb, and a read more section of the full story. The template features allow you to input photos, PDF files, and live-link Web and E-mail addresses.
Branding Your Company
With the Newsletter Science template your company or organization's masthead is placed at the top of the newsletter. Your masthead includes your compny's logo and tagline. It's the look and feel that your clients and employees will become accustom to each time they read your eNewsletter.
Track Your Results with the Reader/Viewer Report
Why go through the effort of publishing if you don't know how many readers/viewers are actually reading your newsletter? With each edition of your newsletter, you can access your mailing report hourly, daily, monthly, or annually. The Newsletter Science Reader/Viewer report is part of each edition and keeps you informed about what articles the readers are viewing.
Mailing Lists
It's your private list! Don't give away access to your valuable database list!
Powerful and Easy-to-use
With the Newsletter Science system, you get a username and password along with instructions on how to upload your E-mail database. Our system is designed for Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs for easy compliance with Federal anti-spamming laws.
Create your Own Dynamic Electronic Newsletter Today!
Build customer familiarity and employee loyalty with the Newsletter Science system! Call now toll-free at: 866 774 5734 or e-mail us at:
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