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Science Fiction TV channels and series

Newsletter Science has a agreat in new science fiction like Sci Fi News and Sci Fi Series.

This is about Science Fiction and Fantasy.  It is quite an amazing way to “publish” my stories.  Imagine back in Asimov’s day, if he wrote a story  for anyone other than his friends to read it, he would have to mail it off to a magazine and hope that it would be chosen.  Now we can get the stories out there through Facebook and other media sites to be linked to this blog.  What an opportunity. Even watching a good sci fi movie online is easy these days

This space will be the place that I write.  Some will be good, some will be bad some will be unfinished.  It is the canvas on which to throw the paint and see what sticks. This is where the modernity of the process takes over.  I will be relying on readers input to continue to hone and process new material.  In other words writing is no longer a lonely dark business of pounding away at a typewriter, it is a collaboration, albeit one in which I plan to take most of the credit.

This is an area of experimentation.  Of quantity.  Quality will come later.  So read, react and respond.  The new three R’s of the computer age.   Enjoy.